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It might surprise you to know that as well as cleaning hard surfaces such as concrete, stone and brick our Steam system is brilliant for cleaning wooden garden furniture.

Tables, chairs and benches that ‘live’ out of doors make an excellent breeding ground for algae, mould, moss or lichen all of which thrive in the damp wood (they do especially well in shady places). Tables and chairs that are used for outdoor eating such as in pub gardens or restaurant terraces also become stained by grease and other food spills.

Spectacular results

Jet washing is one of the fastest and most efficient ways of removing dirt and stains as well as mould, lichen, moss and algae. Because we can adjust and control pressure and heat the wood can be thoroughly cleaned without damaging the surface. No chemicals are needed and the results are really spectacular.

Cleaning furniture

We steam cleaned the wooden furniture in an outside. The tables, benches and chairs were regularly used by people looking to make the most of any fine weather by eating their lunch out of doors. It was good quality furniture that had been built to last, but due to algae and lichen it was looking the worse for wear and particularly uninviting for eating off. The job was carried out quickly and done in and out of hours, causing minimum inconvenience to the client.