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The 'Reach & Wash System'

we are able to clean windows up to 80 feet high without using ladders!

    Environmentally friendly 100% pure de-ionized water, carried on board, effectively absorbs dirt to clean windows, frames, cladding & signs without the need for cleaning chemicals or detergents.


Reach & Wash Cleaning
Cleaning Head at work
No detergent residue means that windows do not get dirty so quickly - windows stay cleaner...longer.
Reach and wash poles extend to 80ft for total operator safety.
Reaches previously inaccessible windows in complete safety.
Eliminates the need for heavy access equipment.
Easily reaches windows above sensitive ground areas such as lawns & flower beds without causing damage.
Reduced disturbance to building occupants.
Health and Safety legislation does not hamper its use in any way.

As you are probably aware under current & proposed 'Health & Safety Legislation' it is you the owner/occupier who is responsible for ensuring that any work undertaken at your premises conform to all Health & Safety Policies. With regards to external window cleaning this means that you will either have to have ladder ties fixed to buildings above 2 stories (this work must be carried out by a registered installer and you must receive a certificate of compliance), or make it possible to have the windows cleaned externally from the inside, even doing this means that you will have to supply a fixing for a harness (again this work must be carried out by a registered installer and you must receive a certificate of compliance). You will also be responsible for having these fixings checked & recorded by an approved examiner on an annual basis.

All this is adding time and expense to your already busy schedule.


All quotations are free and without any obligation. So why not find out how reasonable it will be to give your business that extra sparkle by asking our representative to call. Should you wish to ascertain the standard of our work you are most welcome to contact any of our satisfied customers.
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